Battle of Palmito Ranch

By: Jaque Rodriguez


Thus it will be seen we captured,with 47 men,two gunboats,mounting

thirteen guns of the heaviest caliber and about 350 prisonars all men

behave like hero's; not among flinched from his post. Our motto was

"Victory or death".


1. The date of the battle is May 12 1865

2. The reason for battle was the Union blocked the supple rock.

3. The main cargo is cotton

4. The war was over when this battle happened

5. The confederate won.

6. The commander was John .S. Ford

7. Battle took place in Brownsville

8. Other General was Santos Benivetos

The picture came from:

and its the Unions flag

Personal Reflection

I think it was a pretty dumb battle because the war was already over.

Questions and Answers

1. Why was this battle important?

This battle was important because the north was trying to block the south from getting there cotton.

2. Why would the North want to block the Gulf of Mexico?

The North wanted to block the Gulf of Mexico so the South could not get supplies.

3. Why did the south want slaves?

The south wanted slaves so the slaves could pick there cotton for them