Faculty Meeting May 12, 2016

Consistency in Cardinal Time

We will discuss all of these briefly at the faculty meeting, then end with a short activity. Please take a few moments to look at this information.

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What we learned from the survey....

  • We want to know more about growth mindset
  • We wanted to meet as a group before the year was over
  • We wanted decisions made and presented about Cardinal Time
  • We want consistency in Cardinal Time

Standards of Practice

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Use appropriate tools strategically

Look for and makes use of structure

Attend to precision

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Consistency in Procedures for Cardinal Time

  • Lockers will be assigned by Cardinal Time
  • Passes are required for Cardinal Time (use the planner)
  • Mondays will be the day we send home missing assignment report
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7th Grade CT Foci

  • Junior high culture
  • Self-accountability
  • Expectations for achievement
  • Study skills
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8th Grade Foci

  • Being organized, independent, and responsible for themselves
  • Create life goals and prepare for HS and beyond
  • Advance mastery across all content areas

How do we describe Cardinal Time? What is it?

During the faculty meeting we will present several statements from the survey, and as a group we will make a final decision about this statement.