Winter Break Newsletter

MHHS Winter Break Newsletter 2018-2019

Christmas Service: Giving Back

Dear Students,

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and the opportunity to share service with, or for some one is a chance to give something of ourselves. We all have some small way of making a day brighter.

It may be as easy as listening to someone who is having a rough time, volunteering to read a story with children in day care or making the time to visit and share Christmas cards with people who are in and extended care facility.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It only has to come from your heart. It doesn’t require spending money, just spending time. Whether it is 15 minutes or 2 hours, what you give can mean that those who receive your effort are worth your time and attention. That will make a difference in your life as well as theirs. May we all have a wonderful and fun filled Holiday, and wishing you the best

Linda Jentzsch

Preparing for the Future

Machine Operators Class

The School To Registered Apprenticeship Program (STRAP) a.k.a Machine Operator (Food Processing) course is a 2 Year Program (150 Classroom hours and 2,000 On-the-Job Training (OJT) hours. This course offers employment With the Best Local Employers, Federal Certification Upon Completion, and HS Career Technical Education (CTE) Elective Credits Awarded.

The Machine Operator Program teaches how to control line flows and blend rates as

specified by product specifications; monitor product transfer points of equipment;

inspect products to verify conformance to specifications and perform adjustments

to ensure compliance; follow all company and plant policies concerning safety,

perform proper Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures, use proper lifting techniques, wear

effectively all personal protective equipment (PPE), proper walking/stepping and

all other safety procedures.

Instructor: J. Stephen Wing, M.T.D., BS, RS

Certified CTE Instructor State of Idaho

48 Years Experience in Production/Regulatory/Compliance/Food Safety

Students and parents signed contracts for this event during November at an evening dinner! Congratulations students and Thank YOU Mr. Wing!

Positive Actions at MHHS

90% Attendance Incentive: Q2

The students at MHHS enjoyed a sweet treat for an afternoon snack on Thursday, December 13, 2018. These students nibbled on fresh donuts from Stokes Bakery and slurped nutritious milk. Way to go guys! Being at school not only feeds the mind, but the body!

Editorial: Fake Ice! Real Fun!

by Shawn Orton

Students who had a 90% attendance during the first quarter this year were given the privilege to participate in the new skating rink in Rupert. This was a delightful surprise to me as I got to experience something new having my only reference being on the rink was from the perspective of an onlooker behind a screen so being able to be in the eyes of those who are able to skate around the rink or at the very least see students fall on their cushions trying to interpret how to navigate the tractionless ground was electrifying to imagine. When we got towards the skating rink, it was smaller than I had expected, the tiny cabin like building rested a few steps from the frozen ground itself preparing students for the slick ice before ahead. After a long wait I finally got to skate along the ice trying in vain to figure out how to move along the environment, trying to get my balance as I maneuvered around the rink. After our faces formed a blush from the cold, we were giving a free complimentary drink from the same homely stand heading back towards the bus to return home a new experience gained and a small moment I will remember for years to come.

Students of the Week

Student of the Week: Heron Cruz: December 10-20, 2018

Heron Cruz is a senior at MHHS. He graduates 2019. Heron is a gifted writer and talented mathematician. He is is described by his peers as respectful, creative and generous! He plan on majoring in Astro-Physics and wants to use his talents and interest to create science fiction. Heron is also unique problem solver and created solutions for homelessness in his Senior English project. Heron, we are proud to have you as student at MHHS!

Clubs and Hubs at MHHS

Gaming Club

By Shawn Orton

Recently Zachary, a local student from Mount Harrison, decided to start a gaming club with a huge focus towards competitive games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. Mr. Kent had the wholesome idea of starting a gaming club so students can have a safe haven from the stresses of life and schooling for a few minutes of fun at lunchtime and in Zach’s own words,”We’re cool! We’re open! We’re friendly and we are just chillin”. Zach plans to have a Smash Bros competition a week from this wednesday and if you want to join come on down to Mr. Kent’s room every wednesday!

Here is a Discord link for those who are interested

Fishing Club

By Shawn Orton

Recently I had the pleasure to interview Jena Hulme about the new fishing club being directed by Stetson Jensen having the vision be both for fishing enthusiasts and those who haven't truly fished but are still interested in the craft alike come together to talk about fishing and eventually go out to practiced what they have learned. Jena Hulme had only fished on occasion and has chosen to come to the fishing club because she was interested about learning different types of fishing. The fishing club is planning going out for their first fishing trip on January 19th, 2019 but they need 10 members before they can officially go out and fish. For those who are still on the fence about joining here is what Jena Hulme has to say,”Come learn about all the cool ways you can fish!!”. Stetson Jensen added,”I think it’s interesting and we have a lot of fun.” The trip costs 10 dollars to participate and the fishing location is to be discussed.

Giving Back to our MHHS Families

Family Photo Night

MHHS hosted the first annual Free Family Photo Night on November 18, 2018. Ms. Thompson oversaw the senior students as they participated in the event, taking family pictures of at least 13 students with their families. This event was free of charge! Thank you MHHS students and STUCO advisory, Ms. Thompson!

Senior Project and Guest Author

Shawn Orton

Shawn Orton presented the first Senior Project of the 2018-2019 school year on November 28, 2018. Mr. Orton's project featured the art of editing and writing. He has been writing since he 10th grade; he uses writing to educate the world on issues using stories. His stories teach and intrigue. Mr. Orton is also the student contributor to the MHHS newsletter for the Winter 2018-2019 issue.

Business Department @ MHHS