June Team News

Living and Loving the Green Dream!

Summer Parties!!!

Summer! I'm loving the summer themes and that my hosts are excited to make time for a night out! Who isn't looking for a reason to get out and party right now?! I know some think it is ironic to be "partying" with cleaning supplies. I LOVE hearing customers tell me all the time how they didn't think it would work, or they just bought it to be nice, and now they want it all! And maybe they want to sell it, too!! Lol! Have fun sharing these incredible products that are making a difference in customer's lives!!

May Recognition!!

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Goals? Any goals out there?

So I was pretty impressed by Belinda Ellsworth. She has inspired me to think carefully about my business and set goals that I want for my business so that I can keep myself from comparing to the success of others and have a vision in mind where I want things to go so I can work toward it!

I would love to encourage you to make your own goals. It doesn't have to be 10 parties a month, or $5,000 in sales. Maybe for some of you, it might be! Who knows! But it just has to be YOURS. So maybe $1,000 in sales, or 4 parties a month is more realistic. So here is the deal. Goals are best met when someone else knows about them! If you take the time to write down your goals and email them to your recruiter so they can support you, I'll enter you into a drawing for a $50 shopping spree on me! All you need to do to be entered is cc me on the email, if it isn't coming to me already. kelinatoney@gmail.com

Here are some examples of things that can be goals:

Sales per month

Sales per quarter

# of Bookings/Parties per month

# of Bookings per party

# of Customer Care Calls made per week

# of Potential recruits per party

# of Recruiting packets given out per party

# of Recruits per month

Incentives to be reached (3 party per month incentive, $1,500 sales in a month, the mason jars for the 2 month incentive)

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Product Training: Webinars


Do you know there are endless hours of webinars at your disposal? Have you pursued the Norwex U? To encourage you to that end, I'd love to do some drawings!!

To participate:

1) Go watch a webinar! There are trainings in products, leadership, bookings, you name it. Pick something you want to grow in! I know I'm excited to watch the new UPP webinar, and the microfiber and enzyme cleaner webinars are great places to firm up some of your basic facts!

2) Share! Post on our team page under the webinar string which webinar you watched and 1-2 things that were your takeaway. Something you learned about a product, a new way to use something, or a tip you want to try out. That way we can all help each other learn more and hopefully great some great conversations going! *If you aren't on Facebook you can email me what you'd like me to post for you and I'll pop it up there for you.

3) Win! One in five entries will be a winner!! Lots of free product to give away! Enter as many times as you want until 2 pm on Monday the 15th!

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You are Invited to the "Fast Track to Leadership" Book Club

Please join us in June and July for a "Book Club" Style webinar series called Fast Track to Leadership. In your back office under Norwex U>Webinar >Development you will see the Fast Track to Leadership audio series. There are 7 recorded sessions and each week we will be listening to the audio (approx 1 hour) on our own time and then chatting about our "take-aways" and goals on Facebook. I have set up an event for this. Please let your closest leader know if you'd like to join in! While we are sticking to a weekly schedule, but you can jump in and catch up at anytime.

One of the biggest things that has stuck with me was when Kathy Mitchell, our Regional Sales Manager, mentioned that you should think about recruiting as early as your launch party! Sounds crazy, right! You're just trying to figure out how to hold parties and get people to them and leadership should be on your mind? The fact is that you should. Because it happens. So. Fast. People come to you because Norwex is THAT awesome. So why not be a little prepared. There are so many subtle things you can do at your parties and even behind the scenes to prepare...and one way is to simply listen to this series and join your team mates in some fun chats! Are you in? Connect with your leader today!

--From Heather Hughes, Sales Leader

Fall Reveal

Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 7-9pm

1150 Thames Dr

Rochester Hills, MI

The meeting in August will be after the National Conference and will be VERY exciting--full of new information and you'll be able to see and win some of the NEW products!! Be sure to watch for details, you won't want to miss it!

Contact Me!

NEW! *Office Hours Tuesday Mornings 9-Noon!* I'm extra available Tuesdays! Or early afternoon during nap time is often a good bet!

As always, I'm here for you except when I'm with my sweet crew! :) Feel free to email/message me with your questions or shoot me a text with anything pressing! If I'm delayed in responding, please have mercy! These incredible munchkins keep me on my toes! :)