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By Jaylen Miller.

Magazine Mogul. Locomotion advertisment


I Worship with us at the Winston Baptist Church

I We are located on Prevnor St. We are all

I together. The devil cannot break us apart.

I Join us Saturdays at !:00 Pm. For any

I questions call us at 555-555-55-5.

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I For any comments or questions call us at

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News article on Schooled.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the eighth grade president also known as Cap. He has been through a lot of other stuff in not that long of a time. In a school cheer at the football field Cap sent to the field for a little school hype himself. As he went out to the field he noticed that he was wearing a yellow jersey and his school team were wearing red and black. The whole school went silent in shock as they stared at the kid. Immediately one team member ran towards the eighth grade president and talked the life out of him. Cap went straight to the ground. All the others did the same. Soon everyone realized that boy on the field in yellow, was Capricorn Anderson. This was one of the major events out of his whole crazy year as president. Later on in the year his grandmother got out of the hospital. Now that she was out, he could go back to his home in garland and be homeschooled. Boy was that a big change for Claverage Middle School. Many thought he was dead or killed, while others said he might still be in the hospital from a recent accidental punch from a former classmate! But Cap was just at home wondering what could happen if he went back to the school. School was new to him because his whole life he has been home schooled. At a planned remembrance of Cap party, Cap showed up himself, yet little did he know, they all thought he was dead. After he made it clear he was there in a Mickey Mouse costume, he said his final goodbyes and left once again. But then after some days in his home wit his grandmother, Rain decided to take him back into the outside world. This story was so crazy I had to do a news article on it. I wish I was there to see it all, but after being told how it went, that was all I needed.