HES Library Media Center Newsletter

August 2021

Welcome Back

I know that I say this every year, but where did the summer go? I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing summer. I spent most of the summer reading, cleaning, and working outside in my yard. It was a very low key kind of summer, just what I needed after this past year!

I am excited about starting this school year and have lots of great lessons and activities planned. I'm hoping that we can have a Fall Book Fair. I know everyone was so excited last year to have one in the Spring! It gave us back a little bit of normal.

For those of you who are new to our school this year, welcome. Once we start the year I try to send out one Newsletter a month and it will come directly from me. In these newsletters, I try to highlight what we are doing in our Library Media classes, any important information relating to the Library Media Center, highlight new books or favorites and provide some low tech STEM and STEAM activities. I usually send them out in the middle of the month, so be on the lookout for one in mid September.

Another great way to keep up on what is happing in the HES Library Media Center is to follow me on Twitter (@HES_Media_SMCPS) in between Newsletters. I tweet a lot about specific lessons and activities that are done in our Library Media classes. If pictures contain students, their names are never used and any student who is on our "No Image Use" list will not appear.

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Donations to the Library Media Center

In the Library Media Center we are always on the lookout for boxes of tissues. Since the entire school passes through our doors we go through A LOT of tissues during the year. If you can, please consider donating a box to us. Thanks in advance.

We are also on the lookout for a few items to support some of the STEM activities that I would like to do with the students. There are three items I'm looking for at this time: empty toilet paper rolls, empty paper towel rolls, Legos and Lego Base Plates.

The empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls can only be donated through September 10th. If I need more after that I will put out another call for donations.

Anytime during the year, if you have any Legos and Lego Base Plates that you want to get out of your house we are willing to take them. I have found some great Lego STEM activities that I would like to try, but need more Legos and Lego Base Plates to make it happen.

If you have some of the items that you would like to donate, please email me (sjhazuda@smcps.org) or you can bring them to Open House.

At this time I am not accepting any donations of books. I will let you know if this changes in the future.

Summer Open Library Media Time

This summer, thanks to a grant, we were able to have our Library Media Center opened for a few hours during the week. Thanks to those families who took advantage of this time and to the summer school participants who got to do some crafts based on a book we read! There were STEM centers out for families to work on and even a new one to try out. Check out the pictures below for highlights!