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Resources for Students with Dyslexia and Other Struggling Readers

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Fun and Games for Dyslexic Students--Apps for Dyslexia from U. of Michigan

Digital Differentiation

International Dyslexia Association

List of High Achieving Dyslexic People

Talking Books

Learning Ally

IDA Fact Sheets

IDA fact sheets are convenient, professionally reviewed materials designed to improve understanding and support advocacy initiatives. Fact sheets are frequently used to enrich and supplement IEP meetings, school board discussions, and district policy initiatives. Click on topics of interest below to view and download fact sheets.

Reading Rockets Dyslexia A-Z Articles

Reading Rockets Dyslexia Toolkit

Reading Rockets Phonological Awareness A-Z

Reading Rockets Phonics A-Z

Reading Rockets Fluency A-Z

Reading Rockets Comprehension A-Z

Reading Rockets Reading A-Z

Reading Rockets Writing A-Z

Reading Rockets Family Literacy A-Z

Therapy Street for Kids

Exposing Your Child to Language

High interest, easily read books

Recorded books

Home read alouds

Podcasts for Kids


Audio Books

Bookshare (Benetech)

Open Culture--1,000 Free Books

Book Riot--11 Free websites for audio books

Talking Books

Virtual Field Trips

20 Virtual Field Trips and Activities

Discovery Education


A Host of Various Virtual Field Trips including Lit trips

Smithsonian Virtual Trips

National Park Service

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Dyslexia Success Stories

Click the link below to read through many different dyslexia success stories! This makes my heart full and extremely happy!



Children of the Code is a website that contains videos, interviews, events, and a plethora of information across a variety of topics that pertain to dyslexia and reading difficulties. Whether you are looking for the social emotional impact of dyslexia, history of our language, orthography, statistics, or would like to hear what it is like from a student perspective check out this site! You can access the site here: https://childrenofthecode.org .

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