T's Class '14-'15

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Scholastic Book Orders

  • My recommendations are to look at the Arrow and Tab flyers, which are more appropriate for middle school age. Visit www.scholastic.com/readingclub and use the one-time sign in code GNJP7 to set up your login and order.
  • Once I submit the order, the books usually take a week or a bit more to arrive at school, where I then hand them out to the students who ordered. It's quite easy all around! And I think we all want the students to read more!


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Students should have turned in their How-to Essays by Monday morning before school. We begin Where the Red Fern Grows this week and will read through the first 5 chapters, stopping for classroom activities, vocabulary, and reflection on the story. Though it will be tempting for many, please do NOT read ahead! We plan on working together as a class to complete this novel study.


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The second half of our memory work on 1 Corinthians is due next Monday instead of Friday because we are skipping 2nd period on Friday to watch the middle school musical dress rehearsal. This week I want to especially direct students to study ahead for the Thursday test. A study guide will be issued Monday, worked on during Tuesday's class, reviewed in Wednesday's class, and tested Thursday. There's a lot of good stuff in there!


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iMovies were pretty good! Students learned to manipulate the app with much success. There are many options available in how to present a film. I enjoyed the plots, but I think I was most proud of the risks students took with camera angles and filters. One group did a flashback and switched the filter for the flashback to something that really looked like an old home movie! Next up is our "final" project (unless we get done early and have another final project). Students will "app-smash" the three apps we've worked on so far: GarageBand, ExplainEverything, and iMovie.


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Students are working on their PowerPoint presentations and keeping in mind the similarities and differences to Google Presentations. Later in the week we will take a look at the presentation tool called Prezi so that we have a wide range of skills we can use in the future!