Marketer and PR

By Olivia Davis

What is a PR

  • Public relations is all about reputation. its a result of what think,do & say used to gain trust and understanding between an organization and its various publics.
  • Develop and maintain a good public image.
  • most important relationships happen to be with editors, journalists & stylist
  • you can be an in house PR which means you will work for one brand
  • on the other hand you can work as an agency PR which works with several different brands

What do they do?

  • Coming up with PR strategies
  • Building relationships with the media
  • Writing press releases and calling around whenever you’re trying to generate publicity
  • Writing reports on media coverage data
  • Overseeing content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR stunts)
  • Arannge press confrences and events
  • Overseeing market research
  • Bringing in new business opportunities
  • Managing client relationships
  • Overseeing social media PR strategies


Salaries vary between £25,000 to £50,000 per annum

Working hours

Working hours are generally 9am to 5pm but can often increase depending on workload, with some unsocial hours.

may have to attend events in the evening or be on call at weekends in order to deal quickly with the PR aspect of a crisis.

Skills needed

  • excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills;
  • drive, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn;
  • excellent organisational and time management skills with the ability to multitask;
  • ability to cope with pressure;
  • creativity, imagination and initiative;
  • good teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • business awareness and a good knowledge of current affairs.
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Top 5 brands using social media marketing

  1. Burberry
  2. Astley Clarke
  3. Sophie & Trey
  4. Asos
  5. Nordstrom
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