owners are Claire Jiroutek and Heidi Hayes

6 Business activities

1.Generating ideas: We sell the best darn too-tin cupcakes around. you bet your buns were the best. Take one bite and you will see, why we call ourselves cupcravery. We sell cupcakes and cakes. During the holidays we sell special drinks to satisfy your taste buds. We researched marketing for our business by taking a survey from the people in Rochester IL to see if they would like a bakery and it was positive that they did.

2. Raising Capital:Our business earned it’s money the hard way by selling our cakes at fairs and raising talk about our company. After three years of raising money at fairs and craft sales, we earned enough money to buy a building and start from the bottom. We can proudly say by raising our money and our financial investors (Thomas Hayes,) we have a booming business with at least 60 customers a day 6 days a week.

3. Employee and Training: The employee needs to have food handlers degree. Needs to have a degree in baking and also needs to be currently enrolled in training. To get the job they need to show us that they can frost and bake a cake and decorate the cake in a fair amount of time. You also need to have a happy attitude and always be on time. Loving baking is what we are really concerned about and if you get the job we will give you individual training to help you along.

4. Buying Goods and Services: We order large amounts of baking supplies from the internet (amazon) , but if need be, we can always go to the local decor store. Ordering large quantities of fondant and baking tips lowers the cost therefore saving us more than the usual baking store would. Our biggest orders offline include to go containers, cupcake holders and customized napkins.

5. Marketing goods and services: We are proud to say we advertise originally. Posters are put up everywhere the eye can see, with bright colors to attract attention, but most advertisement comes from the talk of the town. Our sweet to the tooth cupcakes is always a conversation starter. Since we live in a small town we have our business name and hours on the phone books each year, which only takes up $48 a year. Also the near by radio station gives us a good deal for our advertisement to be broadcasted, which takes no more than $60 dollars a month for our name to be featured in The taste of the town.

6. Maintaining business records: We are hiring an employee to keep track of the payments and customer information. We also ask that the person has a business degree and needs to be good with computers and also has a happy attitude. We use Microsoft Excel to keep track of are records.


We choose this because it was easy to start. We can also depend on each other.

Advantages: Get expertise from more than one person. Each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners.

Disadvantages: No protection for personal assets. If a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved.

Mission Statement

Our sole purpose is to provide our neighbors with baked goods suitable for a queen, and friendly staff will make you feel right at home. The reputation we hold guarantees we never doubt our customers and always hold them to a high expectations. We give you the cake in Cupcake!

MVI 1984