Stained Glass Maker

Art, Glass, Color, and Light

What And Why

Stained glass mostly falls into the realm of fine art. Generally when someone thinks about stained glass they envision the ornate windows and features of a church or cathedral. Because of its aesthetic values, stained glass has reached a new level of popularity. A stained glass maker is expected to design, create and often install their work. There are 3 basic reasons for the work of a stained glass maker... Personal artistic expression, commissioned pieces, and restoration.

Education or Experience?

Most stained glass makers learn their craft on the job, through hands on experience in the studio or the field. However a small percentage of makers pursue a level of higher education, usually in fine or studio art. This further education is often applied to the stained glass maker involved in the restoration of historical items, therefore requiring an understanding of art history and classical techniques.


The average income of a stained glass artist can range from $20K to $75K annually depending on the area and market that you are in. Certain areas might have a higher demand based on a larger fine art market, or historical relevance. Often a stained glass maker will work solely on a commission or a piecework basis.


If you are interested in learning more about the art of stained glass or stained glass making, here are a few groups you might want to check out.

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