Promise of America

The G's


  • be at least 18 years old
  • have been a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years
  • have been physically present in the u.s for at least 1/2 of the time (5 years)
  • have not left the u.s during the least 5 years
  • have residence in the district where you applying for at least 3 months

  1. find out whether you are eligible
  2. overcome barriers to your eligibility
  3. file uscis form n-400
  4. get fingerprinted
  5. attend a citizenship interview
  6. attend the oath ceremony

Why do we have this process? To keep powers and people in place.

Bill of Rights

1: Freedoms (RAPPS)

2: Right to bear arms

3: No quartering troops in private homes

4: No search and seizure

5: Due process of law

6: Right to speedy public trial

7: Right to trial by jury

8: No excessive bail

9: Constitutional rights do not deny other rights

10: All powers not specifically given to the national government are given to the states

Summary: Unalienable rights

How does this impact daily life? we got more freedom.



to maintain and preserve the constitution of the u.s


1.serve on juries, if qualified

2.obey the laws of country,state, and community

3.serve community and nation


1. a republican form of government state as well as national against bills of attender

3.the right not to be arrested

Why are these examples important? to keep the nation running.