Has Government Blindfolded?

Has Government Blindfolded itself from Drug Usage Legally?

Has Government Blindfolded itself from Drug Usage Legally?

Hello I am Greg bear, hope you are doing well. In today’s post I am going to write about addiction of drugs. Whether it is nicotine, cocaine or alcohol, none of them is good for health. I feel baffled when I came to know that these slow poisons are still in use despite its well known harmful effects. I meant to say that how can these drugs still sustain in the market?

At present, almost half of the youths are addicted to harmful drugs; they don’t know when the innocence of their childhood was power-washed away and their life started to suck. Do they even know one thing, their addiction to booze, pills and smack will break them down? It will destroy their life. The most addictive drugs such as nicotine and caffeine are still available legally; these drugs will throw you down on the concrete and make you call them for a life.

I believe that addiction isn’t the problem, but the problem is the adverse effects that can occur physically and mentally because of addictive behaviors. You know what makes drug more dangerous, when they’re pumped constantly into the blood stream, it will cause deadly diseases like Cancer and Heart Strokes. I feel amazed that why people do not quit these habits. There are many options to help them out like switching to electronic cigarettes. Why they are wasting their time and money on traditional cigarettes if they have an alternative to fulfill their nicotine crave.

There are many electronic cigarette brands that provide nicotine filled devices to puff nicotine. At least you are not going to inhale all those tar and chemicals which makes your health down. I think one must make a switch to the alternatives to satisfy its addiction.