Amor Mundi

Christina Rossetti

About Amor Mundi

About Christina Rossetti:

Christina Rossetti lived from 1830-1894. She was born in London in an artistic family, as her brother Dante was was a famous artist and poet. Christina was a devout Anglican, going so far as to call of a two year engagement when her fiance when he converted to Roman Catholicism. Though she battles illness throughout her life, she continued to write poetry through it all. Today, she is best known for her collection Goblin Market and Other Poems.

Interpretation of Amor Mundi:

Although Amor Mundi may seem to be nothing more than a poem about a couple descending a mountain, closer analysis brings to light the fact that the meaning of this poem is much deeper than that. This poem illustrates the temptation that everyone sometimes feels to give up on the tiring struggles of life and take the easy path. This is precisely what the young lovers decide to do at the beginning of the poem. By the end, however, they poignantly exhibit that the "downhill" path in life may seem easy, but only those who work their way "uphill" can gain happiness and prosperity.

Theme of the Poem:

Amor Mundi contains themes of disappointment, love and loss, and most importantly the profitability of hard work.

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