Rethinking Research

An introduction to revising the MHS research continuum


  • What skills do our students need to have?


  • How can we scaffold instruction vertically across grade levels to ensure appropriate scope and sequencing of assignments?


We need to provide students with the skills and educational experiences that will prepare them for their post-secondary careers.

Department Discussion

Write Now:

As you watch the video, consider the elements of our current research assignments. What are some things we should change?
What Should High School Teachers Teach About Research?

Partner Discussion

Please move to a computer and log on.

What are current expections of New Jersey's college students?

Take a look at some sample syllabi from Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, and Princeton. Consider the two questions below and share your thoughts with the person next to you after reviewing the documents. Be prepared to share them with the group.

  1. What generalizations can you make about the writing assignments from selected colleges throughout the state?
  2. How do our assignments compare in length and type to the assignments at the college level?

Individual Work

Please review the resources listed below under alternatives and additional resources. When you have finished reviewing these resources, please complete the exit slip form linked below.