Otsego Junior High

August 7, 2020


Otsego Families,

Happy Friday! We have been working very hard to plan for a successful beginning of a new school year. We have mailed out our contingency plans with designated days if we have to move to a hybrid plan, so be on the lookout for that communication. Please be patient and flexible as plans could change rapidly. We do feel like we have contingency plans in place to address these changes if they happen.

Schedules should be online today. Please check PowerSchool to see what your student's schedule will be. Please understand that these schedules are subject to some changes due to class size and social distancing recommendations. We are continuing to make some last minute changes to accommodate room size and spacing.

Please see the links below for some important restart information.

Otsego 2020 - 2021 Restart Plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Click Here

Jon Rife, Principal

Changes for this year

6th Grade Orientation

This will not be like it has been the last few years. In the past, only 6th graders reported on the first day of school for orientation, but we have cancelled this process for this school year. All students (6,7,8) will report to school on the first day August 24th. We are working out the details to allow 6th graders to come in and see their classrooms and walk their schedules or a "virtual" tour. I will update as soon as we finalize the plans.

Chromebook distribution

Chromebooks, masks, and ID badges will be handed out in first period on the first day of school. Students attending Otsego will receive their Chromebooks on the first day of school.

ID Badges

Students will need their ID badges to purchase lunches and check out books from the school. ID Badges will be distributed in first period on the first day of school. As a safety measure, our lunch lines will be contactless. You MUST have your ID Badge around your neck on a lanyard. We will provide the ID badges and lanyards.

There will be two lunches this year for Junior High

We will split the students into an "A" and "B" lunch this year to accommodate social distancing.

There will be assigned seats in every class and lunch.

To help with contact tracing should we have someone test positive for COVID there will be assigned seats in all classrooms and at lunch. Teachers will assign their seats in their classrooms.

Study Halls in Classrooms

We cannot have large groups gathering. The large study hall room between the HS and JHS have been converted to classrooms. Teachers will hold small study halls in their rooms with assigned seating. We are putting students into those study halls based on teacher's schedules.


You will be able to use a locker this year. However, students will be expected to make a quick stop at their locker to drop off and pick up what they need and then head straight to class. We will NOT allow gatherings in the hallways. We need the hallways to keep moving. So masks will be on and people will be asked to get to their classes. LOCKER ROOMS WILL BE LOCKED. THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS TO THE LOCKER ROOMS and Physical Education students will NOT be required to change for PE.


The Otsego School Board has unanimously voted to implement a district-wide mask policy. Otsego will be providing one mask for every student and staff member. In order to better protect our students and staff, it is recommended that your mask is washed after every wear. To reduce how often you have to launder your masks, it may be beneficial to purchase or provide multiple for your students.


We will be running on a WHITE SCHEDULE all year. The schedule will be modified to have two lunches. We will be releasing the finalized schedule in the near future. If we switch to the Hybrid Schedule we will operate on a normal White Schedule with one lunch period.


Sadly, there will be NO visitors allowed on campus this year. This includes former students, parents, volunteers, guest speakers, etc. If a parent needs to drop something off to a student at school, there will a designated table in the main entrance hallway of the Junior High School. Students will be responsible for retrieving their own items.

Junior High Supply List

The supply list is currently online. Please see the link below.

Supply List

*Classes are still be moved around and schedules changed to try and make class sizes smaller and some students may lose certain electives if they are too full. Schedules could still be changed, especially elective classes.

100% Online Students

Online School (NOVA)

Students choosing the 100% online option will be enrolled in our NOVA program. Once students have been enrolled in NOVA they must remain there until the end of the semester. Students will not be able to enroll back into Otsego Classes until the end of each semester.

Please understand that NOVA classes are NOT developed or instructed by our Otsego teaching staff.

The main point of contact for this program is Mr. Hank Zeller (hzeller@otsegoknights.org). Students who are enrolled in NOVA should refer any and all questions to Mr. Zeller.

ChromeBooks for 100% Online Students

Since there will not be an Open House, we will be hosting a Chromebook Pickup event at the HS Commons doors for ONLINE STUDENTS ONLY. Students choosing to go 100% online can come up to the school on August 13th from 2pm-8pm and receive their Chromebooks.

If you cannot pick up your Chromebook on this date you will need to contact the school and make other arrangements.

Transportation Department

This year's bus routes will be available online on August 18th via InfoFinder - CLICK HERE.

Parents should expect a phone call from their bus child's driver between August 18 and August 21st. The driver will call and remind students and parents about mask rules, pickup/Drop Off times, cleaning procedures, and more. Please be on the lookout for those calls on August 18th and 21st.

If you have any questions about transportation please direct them towards our transportation director, Eva Vasher, evasher@otsegoknights.org.

Food Service Department

We would like to personally welcome Emily Bires to Otsego as our NEW Food Service Director. If you have questions please email Emily at ebires@otsegoknights.org

2020/2021 School Calendar

Big picture

2020/2021 8th Grade Washington DC Trip- ****UPDATED****

Attention all registered and interested 7th graders attending the Washington DC Trip:

The DC trip has been postponed until Spring 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, travel has been postponed. The dates of travel will be May 18-22, 2021. Due to the postponed trip, this will allow you to stretch out your payments and allow for an extended period of time to pay off the trip. If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact Student Adventures and they can explain the payment details or check you Student Adventures account for information.

Here is some new information regarding the payment schedule if you need some extra time:

01/20/20 – Deposit $100 (may have already made this payment)

09/11/20 – 2nd Payment of $130
11/20/20 – 3rd Payment of $130
1/20/21 – 4th Payment of $131
03/19/21 – Final Payment of Balance

All current 7th grade students
will have the opportunity to travel to Washington DC in the Spring 2021. They received a packet explaining all of the details. Parents, keep a lookout for the information packets today. Included in the packet will be the itinerary, how to register, and frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. We have been working on some fundraisers to offset this trip, as well as to assist with other field trips. Last year we were able to reduce the cost of each student's amount by $100.00. Next school year we hope to reduce the cost even more! Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks. Registration is now open. When registering use the code OJH2008.

Click HERE for the Student Adventures Website


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What happens if my child loses their agenda book?

Replacement agenda books can be purchased for $5 in the office.

When can I purchase a yearbook for my child?

Yearbook order forms will be sent home in the Spring. Yearbooks will be handed out the last week of school.

How do I check my child's grades online?

The link to access Online Grades is on the Parent tab on the Junior High page of the Otsego website (otsegoknights.org). Your child's username is their Student ID #. Their password is the first 3 letters for their first name with the first letter capitalized. For example: 12345 Joy

Is there an App to check my child's grades?

Yes. In your app store search for Powerschool. The username and password is the same one you use to access Online Grades. Our school code is CJCX.

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