Gregor Mendel

Early life

As a young person Mendel was as gifted and soon sent to a boarding school where he made money tutoring to pay for the education. Once he reached college he struggled because he spoke a different language than the other students but he received top marks in math and science

Experimental Design

His experimental design was made to compare two types of peas and the generations after to discover dominant and recessive traits. He learned that the round, green, and long peas dominated the angular, yellow, and short peas. Mendel saw that there were some yellow peas in later generations


The pea ratio all across the chart was 3:1 when rounded.

When round and angular peas were planted together they created round peas

When green and yellow peas crossed they created green peas.

That means that in terms of peas, green and round are more dominant than angular and yellow


Scientists believed Mendel was just going over already known information of genetics, it wasn't until years after Mendel's death that scientists were beginning to understand his tests. At the time of the experiment's release Mendel didn't even understand it.


His tests were able to be used for other things which had data that was consistent with the data Mendel had come up with. Which helped scientists find out more about inheritance.


Dominant-Gene that will overpower another gene

Example:Dark hair

Recessive-Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

Example- Blue eyes

Co-Dominant-Gene that is neither dominant or recessive

Straight hair and curly hair