Laurel Ridge Elementary

November Update

Hello Laurel Ridge -

Just a few updates and some important resources as we prepare for Thanksgiving break and the release of Milestones scores from the Spring of 2015.

Tornado Drill

In November we are required to hold one of two required statewide Tornado drills. We will complete the drill by the end of this week.

Please take a few minutes to talk with your student(s) about the importance of drills at school. Also talk with students about what to do in an emergency at home. During a tornado drill the students exit the classroom quietly and line the interior walls of the building in the head down position. They may use either of the two positions shown above. Students outside will enter the building and do the same.

Milestones Scores & Resources

We anticipate the release of the 2015-2016 Milestones scores soon for students in 4th and 5th grade. For those students in 6th grade, we will send scores to their current DeKalb County school for distribution. Please use the resources below to learn more about Milestones scores and expectations.

Georgia Department of Education Milestones Webpage

A Parent's Guides to Georgia Milestones:

A Parent's Question and Answer Brochure:

Study Guides:

Lexile Measures:

Learn more about taking the Milestones assessment online:

Thanksgiving Luncheon

We look forward to seeing so many friends and family next week for the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. Please check the schedule below as it varies slightly from our regular lunch schedule.

As you know parking is very restricted at the school. If at all possible please carpool when coming for the luncheon. When parking at the school please ensure that you are not blocking in other cars or parking in the emergency lane. If you are parking in the neighborhood please be mindful not to park illegally or block our neighbors' driveways, intersections or mailboxes. University Heights United Methodist Church next door has also given us permission to use some of their overflow parking. Please park in spots farthest away from Laurel Ridge - closest to Druid Hills Middle School where the path leads down to the fields. We need to ensure that we leave at least 5 spots in front of church entrance including the handicapped spots available for church members. We also need to leave all spots on both sides of parking lot in front of the pre-school building open from church entrance to pre-school entrance open including the lower parking area.

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