How to maintain the guitar

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How to maintain the guitar so that it can have an elongated life?

Musicians can create some intense and beautiful music on the guitar. The instrument is known to produce some hard bass sounds giving the composition more liberation and force. A properly maintained guitar can last a lifetime. Thus, keeping and caring of the instrument becomes utmost important for the musicians. Here are some of the conventional steps one can follow for taking care of the instrument.

Safe storage:

When the instrument is not in use or while running the maintenance, one should never keep the guitar on the ground. It is always better to keep it in its fitted case or a sturdy stand. For electric guitars, losing the strings a little bit while dusting the strings is advisable.

Using guitar cases:

While travelling with your guitar, it is preferable to use a fitted guitar case.These cases are made of hard shells which are capable of protecting the instrument from damages.

Cleaning and polishing:

Regular cleaning and polishing the body of the guitar helps to protect the wood from several damages.Also, regular polishing of the instrument would enhance its beauty.One can use the excellent quality furniture woods polish for the purpose.

Removing dirt and grime:

A frequently played instrument would have a lot of dirt and grime settlement on the fretboard. To remove the dirt, it is advisable to use a soft toothbrush dipped in mild soap. Run the brush over the board and gently remove the dirt from the instrument. If you have an epiphone special model 2, this tip can be beneficial.


While cleaning or storing the guitar, one should never keep it on the ground.Also, regular cleaning and polishing the instrument protects the surface wood from damages as well as make it look beautiful.