Intentional deception for gain 

Frauds can be scary and you really need to be careful when on your computer. They are basically fake email or message to get someone to provide personal account information. The scary part about frauds are that you could buy something online, but then when you receive it, its not what you expected. Also if you see something online thats too good to be true, it probably is. For example, if they are "paying" you a crazy amount of money just to take surveys online, well their probably lying. They just want to get as much information from you as possible.
Ways to prevent computer frauds:
-If you receive a suspicious email ,delete it immediately
-Never answer any pop up questions that asks for any type of personal questions.
-Never send any personal or sensitive information to an unknown email
-It would probably be a wise idea to download and keep anti-virus/anti-spyware software on your computer.

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