Snowboarding from 1960s-2014

By:Mason Goslee


Snowboarding is very popular now a days many many people know how to do it.This sport has been in the Olympics for 30 years. An estimate is that more than half of the country does it for a living.

1960s the Snurfer

The was the first snowboard ever invented.This sport was very unpopular back in the 60s. The only person in the 60s who new about it was Jake Burton who was the one who invented the snurfer.
Burton Beginnings

Jake Burton

I am Jake Burton. I Am the one who invented the snurfer which people know a days call the snowboard. The video right above me is about the time I tested the first ever snurfer on the first ever snurfer trail. Please watch the video to see what everybody wears in the 60s and to see when and where the first snuffer was tested.