By: Ava Kalb

Describing Peninsulas

A peninsula has water on all three sides of it and the fourth side is connected to a larger piece of land. They are found in oceans and lakes and have all different kinds of shapes depends on what one you are studying.

Physical Features

The rock and soil come from an erupted volcano. Rocks and soil can build up over time to become a peninsula. Dried lava can build up and form a peninsula. Sand spits are peninsulas that are made from sand.


When you are in January on a peninsula the weather starts out cool and then gets colder and then gets cool again.

Natural Resources

In the water they are fish that provide food for the people to eat. The land provides a platform for the people to stand on. there is air on a peninsula so people can breathe.


Penguins, whales, and seals live on or near the colder peninsulas. However, you can find many plants, birds, fish, bugs, and mammals on warmer peninsulas.
Below are some maps where peninsulas are located.