Sevilla is the most beautiful city in spain.

Some basic facts

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia. Sevilla is one of the most famous city in spain, because every years has more than one million tourists.

It is an ideal place for the people who like flamenco.

Sevilla has got an area of about 140 kilometers and it is population is about 696.676 in 2014.

Where to go

There are many places to visit in sevilla. Giralda, Spain square, Stadium ramon sanchez-pizjuan are all very popular with tourists.

Other famous sights are the Alcazar, Brdge of alamillo, Feria in April ˋˋFlamenco´´.

What to do

You can do many interesting things in Sevilla. It has got many wonderful museum to visit, for example the museum archaeological the sevilla and the museum the arts and customs.

There are some greats places to visit , such as , house of the memory and tablao arenal.

There are places to enjoy flamenco. You can see excellent palaces ,such as palace de San Telmo and palace of the condesa the lebrija.

Who is from Sevilla

Sevilla is also many famous people. Carmen Sevilla (actress), Franco (dictator) and Antonio Machado (poet).