Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

How many hot dogs are eaten at major league baseball games during a season?

It's a question almost as haunting as "Why are we here?" Many have long since pondered the specific number, but none have come up with an answer as good as ours.

Total Hot Dogs sold in 2014

According to national hot dog and baseball experts, approximately 21,357,316 hot dogs were sold during baseball season last year (2014), which would lead rational people to believe that approximately 21,357,316 hot dogs were also consumed. This estimate accounts for every game across every team.

"Dollar Dog Nights"

Also note that there is this little thing called "Dollar Dog Nights", during which every hot dog sold at any given game costa one dollar. This was somewhat important to determining how many hot dogs were sold during a season, as there are three of these nights every month for the six months that make up a normal season.

Personal Estimates

Grant and I based our estimate off of last year's numbers, and we ended up agreeing on there being about 21,000,000 hot dogs sold during a single year's season.