Master Calendar POC Updates-06.10

Version 3.3 Updates & Additional Requirements

Hello Master Calendar POCs,

We hope that you ended the school year well and are looking forward to an excellent start to the SY 2016-17! As you are wrapping up items for the end of the school year, please don't forget that you need to ensure that all of your required dates for the Master Calendar are entered into the Master Calendar for SY 2016-17.

As your Regional POC's have been going through and auditing your's schools dates that have been entered in and synced to SharePoint, it appears some schools have duplicate dates that were synced to SharePoint. Additionally, we still have some schools that have a few outstanding dates that need to be entered into your schools Master Calendar for the SY 2016-17. Please ensure that you go through and take the time to do a quality assurance check and self-audit of your dates using the Master Calendar Checklist and ensure that all of the dates from that checklist have been added to your school's Master Calendar database and are synced to SharePoint. Should any of the dates on the Master Calendar checklist not apply to your school for the SY 2016-17, please indicate this on your Master Calendar Checklist in column 'C' and notify your Master Calendar Regional POC.

Additionally, there are some new requirements for the Master Calendar that you as Master Calendar POC's need to complete (please see below).

Finally, please take the time to go through and view the updates that have been made to the Master Calendar version 3.3 and ensure that you as Master Calendar POC's switch over to using the new Master Calendar version 3.3 to enter in your dates.

Should you have any questions related to the Master Calendar, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Regional Master Calendar POCs.

Thank you!

Kayla Mahoney

NEW Requirements to add to your Master Calendar

State Testing and Assessments Calendar categories
  • Within your State Testing and Assessment Calendar categories in your Master Calendar, your baseline, interim and state assessments all need to have the following information either located in the Subject or in the notes section of those dates:

  1. Type of assessment (i.e.Baseline, Interim, Formative, Summative, State Test)
  2. Grade levels taking that assessment (i.e.-3rd-8th)
  3. Name/tool using for Assessment (Scantron, DIBELS, PLA, USA Test Prep, etc.)

  • Subject line example: "Baseline Assessment-3rd-8th Scantron"

Add in 'Students First' as a school to your database:
  • Students First team will be adding in their dates to the Master Calendar when they are finalized for SY 2016-17. Please ensure you add 'Students First' as a school to your database, so that you are able to import dates for Students First. Please watch this quick video to show you how to add in Students First to your database.
  • Adding Students First to your database--Link to video.
Master Calendar Version 3.3

Ensure you update to the latest version the Master Calendar (Version 3.3)

Master Calendar Resources

Includes Master Calendar Checklist

Previous Master Calendar POC Training

In case anyone needs to access previous Master Calendar POC training recording. **Please note this training was done with an older version of the Master Calendar.**

New Updates!

Updates to the Master Calendar Version 3.3 Include:

Updates to Version 3.3

  • Addition of 'Students First' as a school to allow for Students First Team to add dates into the Master Calendar.
  • New Sync Progress Form pops up to show you the progress and status when you sync your dates to SharePoint. Syncing dates to SharePoint is starting to take a little longer due to the amount of dates that have been entered from all schools. This is great news that more and more schools are entering in their dates!!
  • The addition of the tools icon to the Read Only version, so that users with the 'Read Only version' can change the colors of the calendars in their version.
  • Fixed a few bugs that were preventing users to sync to SP if end dates were blank.

Updating to a Newer Version of the Calendar

Since you are receiving a new version of the Master Calendar, Master Calendar POCs will need to update to this newest version of the Calendar. Please watch the following video below to update to a newer version without losing your dates and ensure all your dates are transferred over correctly to your new calendar.

Updating to a Newer Version of the Master Calendar

Master Calendar Office Hours- Stop by if you have questions!

Purpose: Office hours to assist school Master Calendar POCs with answering questions, providing support, and help with setting up and maintaining the Master Calendar for all Regions.


When: Fridays 12-1 PM ET/11-12 PM CT/10-11 AM MT/9-10 AM PT

Contact your Regional Master Calendar POC for further help--Contact Info Below

Blended: Ashley Barr:

Central: Kayla Mahoney:

Northern: Cody Mathers:

Southern: Kathy Chillstrom:

Western: Cecily Kiester: