Pre-K Updates

2017-2018 Summer Edition


July 24, 2017

Day 1: All NEW Pre-K and Inclusion Teachers should attend the District's celebration at the Georgia World Congress Center on Monday, July 24. New Pre-K staff will train with our team in the afternoon so they should prepare to be at GWCC all day.

July 25, 2017

Day 2: All NEW Pre-K and Inclusion Teachers AND teachers who began working midyear should plan to attend training at Heards Ferry Elementary School, 6151 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30339 from 8:00-3:30. If you are unsure if your Pre-K staff should attend, please email Montreal Bell (


Returning PreK Lead & Inclusion Teachers

Dates & Times: CHOOSE ONE

  • Wednesday, August 2 (8:30-11:30)
  • Thursday, August 3 (12:30-3:30)

Training Location: Administrative Center, 6201 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta GA 30339

ALL PreK Paraprofessionals

Dates & Times: CHOOSE ONE

  • Wednesday, August 2 (12:30-3:30)
  • Thursday, August 3 (8:30-11:30)

Training Location: Administrative Center, 6201 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta GA 30339

Training Updates - Teachers & Paraprofessionals

Personalizing Pre-K Professional Development

We are very excited to roll out new training academies for Pre-K Teachers and Paraprofessionals. Stop by our "vendor booth" at Building Our Future to learn more about the plans for 2017-2018.

Need Pre-K PD support on RFF Days?

We have exciting plans for schools with RFF days. We will introduce our Pre-K Learning Academies on the RFF days in order to make sure Pre-K Teachers and Paras have training that is catered to meet their needs. If you are interested in having your Pre-K staff train with us, please click the survey link to let us know.

State Training Reminder

As a reminder, the state requires that all new and returning teachers and paraprofessionals attend two days of face to face training each year. The Early Childhood Team will register staff for trainings and do all we can to keep them local. Email reminders will be sent to you and registered participants.

Please make sure all new staff have registered and updated their profiles in the state's Professional Development System - GAPDS - Each teacher and paraprofessional should print a copy of their completed profile and add it to the Principal's binder.

Pre-K Student Supply List

We have created a Pre-K supply list for students. Please share this with your parents.

Supply List Link

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NEW ORDERING PROCESS - Materials & Supplies

Classroom Supplies

A major funding change has occurred for the 2017-2018 school year. Instead of allocating funds for materials and supplies at local schools, this year, supplies will be requested directly from the Early Childhood Programs Office. This major change is the result of a waiver that was requested for the upcoming school year in order to offset budget challenges.

This one time waiver will only be effective in 2017-2018. Procedures for requesting materials from the Early Childhood Programs Office and the Fulton County Schools Warehouse will be shared during pre-planning week...stay tuned.

Salaries & Workday Calendars

Salary schedules and workday calendars for 2017-2018 have been posted on the Fulton County Schools website.

Pre-K Teachers and Paraprofessionals will continue to receive the local supplement in addition to the state reimbursed salary (if applicable). The 2% raise that was approved for all teachers was calculated into the base salary rate for teachers and parapros.

  • As a reminder, the LOCAL SUPPLEMENT is non-entitled supplemental pay and contingent on the employee remaining in the Pre-K teacher or Pre-K paraprofessional position for a total of 120 workdays of the given school year in which they are receiving the supplement. If the employee leaves the aforementioned positions (voluntary/involuntary separation, promotion, etc.), the FCS local supplement (paid to date) will be reclaimed by the district from the employee's final paycheck.

  • The 120th day for Teachers is February 7.
  • The 120th day for Parapros is February 13.

Pre-K Salary Schedules

Summer Transition Programs

Mimosa and Lake Forest were awarded Summer Transition Grants to provide Rising Kindergarten students the opportunity to attend a full day, six week program to prepare them for kindergarten. Students were provided meals and transportation throughout the program that ends July 14. Way to go!!

SAVE THE DATE - Georgia Pre-K Week - 25th Birthday Celebration for GA Pre-K

Monday, Oct. 2nd, 12am to Friday, Oct. 6th, 11pm

Local Schools

Stay tuned for more information and ways to celebrate this event.
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Artwork from Leslie Cruz, Pre-K student at Hapeville Elementary, was selected as a finalist in a statewide contest to brand the 25th Birthday Celebration of Georgia Pre-K!

Early Childhood Programs

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Tammy Barton-McConnell, Professional Asst.