Junior Pilot Flash

Mar. / Apr. 2017 ~ Franklin Township Middle School East

JPF Staff - Julianna Keller (Issue Editor), Kate Hall, Jayden Williams, Devon Humphery, Christopher Kiki, Elijah Morris, Cherilynn Spicer, Alyssa Perez


Spring Intercession - Mar. 20th to Mar. 31st

FTMS East school hours are as follows:

M, T, TH & F: 7:00 AM - 2:15PM

W: 7:00 AM - 1:40 (Early Release)

Attendance phone number: 317-803-8190.

From the Principal's Desk

Around FTMS East

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News from the Clinic Kerra Waters, RN

FTMS East Guidance Counselors

Mr. David Thompson



6th Grade Counselor Last Name N-Z
8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Kyle McClarnon


6th Grade Counselor Last Name A-M
7th Grade Counselor

Difference Maker: Mr. Hamm by Eli Morris

Eli: How long have you been teaching?

Mr. Hamm: have been teaching for 11 years. One in perry meridian and the rest in Franklin Township?

E: What is your favorite grade level? (obviously 7th)

Hamm: Well, you are right my favorite level is 7th grade. I have taught 7th grade for 8 of my 11 teaching years. While I like the curriculum for eighth-grade as far as it being United States history I like the age group of the 7th grade because they are not smarter than me yet. :)

E: Have you always wanted to teach?

Hamm: I have because my mom, dad, aunt, and cousin taught. When we were not talking about sports we were talking about teaching and lesson plans.

E: Why do you think you were chosen as a Difference Maker?

Hamm: I think I can connect to kids in a unique way. If you respect me I will respect you.

E: What does it take to be a difference Maker?

Hamm: I think it takes compassion, effort, and a listening ear. I think it takes someone who wants to be a positive influence. You know it is easy to come in to take a check, but I want to do more than that.

E: How do you help the community out of school?

Hamm: I coach 7th-grade basketball which takes courage. It allows me to connect with kids outside class and to help make connections which show that I care.

Eli Morris is a 7th-grader at East. He chose Mr. Hamm as a Difference maker because he had him as a basketball coach and a social studies teacher. Eli stated that Mr. Hamm had the best impact on him as a teacher and I connected to him in a way no other teacher has.

Guidance Counselor News

At Middle School East, we are always trying to utilize technology to better improve the student experience. For this reason, we have added the Bullying Report Form for the district to the guidance website to make it easier for students to be able to fill out in a more anonymous way. This will allow the students to fill out the form in the comfort and security of their own home with their parent or guardian. This form is set up with notifications so that it will notify the school counselors upon the completion of the form.

Also available is a school counselor sign up form. The school counselor will be notified at the completion of this form as well.


Stay Connected!

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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus provides valuable information for parents including grades, attendance, assignments, messages from the teacher, and district wide messaging. Use IC to update personal information such as: email, phone number, and/or address. Remember to sign-up for an IC account from your home computer.

For more information, email ichelp@ftcsc.k12.in.us


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