Fifth Grade PEAK

December 1, 2014


  • Students are working hard to finish note taking. Most students are nearing 70 notes completed! I read student notes each week and provide feedback for the kids in Evernote.
  • We checked our citations in Easy Bib.
  • Students were introduced to "how to write a feature magazine article". We are examining articles to discover characteristics of feature articles, angles, leads, and titles.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Students are doing an amazing job taking notes and planning projects. I love the focus! Many students are finishing their first project. Our projects should always point back to our original essential question.
  • Math: Today we introduced Algebra. Everyone completed the first two lessons. Students will work at their own pace to complete 26 lessons. #welovealgebra
  • Science: Each science group finished their third "self-designed" science experiment to determine the best materials to raise air temperature.

Technology Buzz:

Kahoot It:

  • Students participated in an on-line quiz game that tested students' knowledge on the scientific method. The students have learned a lot about science this year!!!!

Google Drive/Classroom:

  • We have organized our Google Drives
  • Practiced sharing and saving documents
  • Bookmarked important websites
  • Actively working in Google Classroom


  • Set up an account for our note taking research


  • Online Graphic Organizer tool to organize headings and subheadings


  • Set up a PEAK Powtoons account -- many have completed a vocabulary presentation in topic study via Powtoons.

Classroom Book Source:

  • Students learned how to check out books electronically from my classroom library.


  • There is a link on my student resource page for students to "Tweet" about the day. We will post 5 tweets a week on my classroom board - some even make it to real twitter.
  • Please follow me on twitter - you never know when a tweet will post about your child's PEAK day!

Create a Graph:

  • Applied our knowledge on how to make graphs online


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study