End Foreign Oil Consumption

Chris and Shubham

Action Plan

  1. Improve Public Transportation: Decrease the amount of oil used per person and overall by putting more money into public transportation. Use that money to improve the quality and availability of buses and subways so that people will be drawn into using public transportation.
  2. Drilling more in America: 13% of the Worlds oil is located in America. Drilling for more oil in America would save billions of dollars and decrease the demand of importing foreign oil.
  3. Increase of Gas Prices: Increasing gas prices would reduce the demand for gasoline by changing in driving styles and by encouraging the demand of new and more fuel efficient cars. The reduction of the demand for gasoline would lower the demand for oil.
  4. Non-Petroleum Fuels: Non-petroleum fuels would eliminate all of petroleum use in automobiles. Two examples of these gases are natural gas and ethanol-gasoline mix. These fuels would significantly eliminate a large percent of the oil for motor vehicle fuel.
  5. Shift cars entirely off of oil: Most of the importing of foreign oil is for the use of vehicles. To reduce the consumption of foreign oil, cars need to be completely shifted off of oil and switched to natural gas or electricity.

Written Statement

The End Foreign Oil Consumption or EFOC is an organization that promotes obtaining oil in America and reducing our dependency of foreign oil. Our focus is to eliminate foreign oil consumption in America and promote producing energy in America. Our primary ways of doing this is by shifting cars entirely off of oil and improving public transportation.

America imports around 60% of oil used. This dependence on foreign oil makes us vulnerable to disruptions in world oil markets and to fluctuations in the world oil prices. It also has profound effects on US foreign policy and our defense policy. The EFOC is looking to reduce the United States vulnerability to these things by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

First, we will put more money into improving the quality and availability of public transportation. We will also begin more drilling in America. Both of these things will put us on the right track to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Then, we will increase gas prices to reduce the demand for gasoline. Which will in turn reduce oil demand and promote the production of cars with more fuel efficiency. Eventually, we will have cars completely shifted off of oil by means of electric cars and non-petroleum fuels.