Fine Fotography!

Professional Photography Business

About Us!

We are a business that lets you hire professional photographers for events, or modeling needs. We are great to invest in because in a century where technology is growing and evolving we are all but technology. With the newest models in camera designs, lights, and other photography products which are being provided by our sponsor Nikon and Canon.

Our business started when a group of casual photographers came together and decided to make it a profession. With this company being a joint partnership business, we have been hired by over 10,000 clients, including celebrities and movie directors/ producers. We hire students, and professionals who have mastered in flash photography, film making, graphic designing, and/ or light electricians. Our whole staff consists of trained professionals, with competitive wages and promotional opportunities. Our wages are based on what our clients are hiring us for. For example, a professional photographer earns: $3,000 for weddings, $3,500 for fashion photography, $500 to $5,000 for professional modeling shoots.

We are in the top ten Professional Photography business for modeling and are continuing to compete with other businesses. But what truly makes us special is that we don't just focus on a certain type of photography but we range from movie filming, to modeling, to photoshop. Our wide variety puts our business all over the world!