The Green Kitchen

Make your kitchen eco friendly!

Induction Cooktops

Inductions cooktops use magnetism to heat your food! No more hazardous, hot surfaces, and no more wasting energy. The Wolf Induction Cooktop is speedy and effecient, and will help you save on energy in the long run. It heats faster and more evenly than gas and electric (up to 40%!).

TorZo Surfaces

TorZo surfaces are some of the most eco friendly counter tops and surfaces available! 50%-75% of their material are recycled content. They are also FSC certified. Choose from a wide variety and make your kitchen counter tops green today!
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Incounter Compost Bin

With the Blanco Solon stainless steel incounter compost bin, you could help the environment! Just cut up some vegetable? Throw the scraps into the bin! Then, later, use the scraps collected in the bin to help your garden! Not only is this a great alternative to plain soil for your garden, but it is eco friendly in the kitchen!
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