Specialty News Update February 2016

From Mrs. Maggie Constantino's Tech Lab

Technology News

  • Our JK students have been working on pictures of the Northern Lights.
  • Kindergarten has been exploring the world in Google Earth. They have particularly loved finding countries they, their friends, or family have visited.
  • First graders have been creating a table in MS Word organizing presidents and coins.
  • Second graders have been creating pictures and titles to insert into their stories.
  • Third graders have been creating tables in Pages on the iPad.
  • Fourth graders have been creating graphs in Numbers on the iPad.
  • Fifth graders have been exploring a new app called TouchCast. They are using it to create newscast style videos to explain graphing results.

From the Gym of Mrs. Ashley Lambert

Health/Physical Education News

Physical Education :

JrK: This past month the students started a unit on feelings. Once the unit is complete the students will be able to identify various feels. They will also be able to identify things that make them feel better at times when they are upset, angry, sad or frustrated.

K: This past month the students finished a unit on Food for health. Throughout the unit the students learning about MyPlate, ways to safely prepare and store foods to prevent illnesses, and the importance of making healthful food choices.

1st: This past month the students finished a unit on Your Teeth. Throughout the unit the students learned about the importance of caring for teeth, such as brushing and flossing properly, protecting teeth from injury, and visiting a dentist.

2nd: This past month the students finished a unit on Caring for Your Teeth. Throughout the unit the students learned about foods that keep teeth healthy, proper brushing and flossing techniques and the importance of regular dental checkups.

3rd: This past month the students finished a unit on Taking Care of Yourself. Throughout the unit the students learned about making healthful food choices by using MyPlate, reading and comparing food labels and safe and sanitary food preparation and storage.

4th: This past month the students finished a unit on Personal Health. Throughout the unit the students learned about good hygiene. They also learned about the structure and function of skin, teeth, gums, and ears and how to care for them. They also analyzed ways to make wise consumer decisions about health-care products.

5th: This past month the students finished a unit on A Growing and Changing Body. The students learned about various changes the body goes through during growth. They also learned about how sleep, healthful eating and daily exercise impacts growth.

Physical Education:

JrK – 5th: This past month the students worked a balancing unit. The students were able to demonstrate controlled weight- bearing stances and movements at different levels and various speeds.

1. Balance tag

2. Musical hoops with assigned stances

3. Balance stations:

· Balance boards

· Balance beam walk

· Line walking

· Beanbag balance on the head

· Balancing at different levels on various body parts (feet, hands, elbows, forearms….)

Noticias de la Señorita Idalys Lopez

So far in Spanish class...

* Junior Kindergarten has been learning about their favorite fruits in Spanish.

* Kindergarten has been learning about animals in Spanish: pets and farm animals.

* First grade has been learning about days of the week and started with the months of the year in Spanish.

* Second grade has been learning about clothing and started learning about the weather in Spanish.

* Third grade has been learning about food in Spanish and what they can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

* Fourth grade has been learning about daily routines in Spanish: waking up, going to school, eating lunch, and so on...

* Fifth grade has been learning about adjectives, family members, and possessive adjectives!

From the Easel of Mrs. Susan Wright

ART NEWS: Creatively Speaking!

This month in the art room most of the classes were working on future projects, winter projects and February Fiber Projects.

Junior Kindergarten students are taking the art time machine into the future by creating drawings of aliens in space ships. We will be taking the time machine back to the present for a winter landscape project. We will be doing some painting this month and learning more about the resist process of oil and water not mixing. The use of oil pastels helps control the flow of the paint for our young artists.

Kindergarten is making aliens that are symmetrical. They are learning some more basic art concepts while having fun traveling into the future in the art time machine. We read Aliens Love Underpants and are creating wonderful aliens. We will return to the present and create some winter art work this month.

First grade is also traveling to the future and creating colorful Aliens in their underwear. WE read the book Aliens Love Underwear and are drawing Aliens in oil pastels. February is Fiber Month so the next project that the students will be doing will be a weaving project using yarn. The students will make an Eye of God weaving which is a yarn project from the past. A primitive form of star weaving, reminiscent of a dream catcher, Ojo de Dios, or God's Eyes (Tzicuri) are still woven today by the Huichol Indians of Mexico.

Second Grade is in the present day and is creating a multimedia drawing depicting a child catching snowflakes in their mouth. The students are creating a portrait of a very unusual point of view of the face. Second graders are learning about snowflakes which combines a science element and a design element. The portrait includes patterns on the clothing. After our present day winter project, we will be making a project using Fibers. February is Fiber Month!

Third grade is in the present day and creating a winter painting of a snowy cardinal set in a landscape. For our next project we are going to doing a weaving project from the past. Weaving a tree out of yarn which will be on a painted landscape project. This is a Russian folk art project.

Fourth Grade is currently working on a future project of a name alien project which combines symmetry and line design. The students have to create an alien out of the silhouette of their name written in script. After their future project they will create an interdisciplinary weaving project. They have learned about the colonial art form of weaving. The students will weave a bag with either a drawstring or braided should strap. This project has been a yearly favorite with fourth grade classes.

Fifth grade has focused on 3 dimensional projects in the fall and will now move into two-dimension work. They are creating a warm and cool drawing using line patterns and juxtaposed warm and cool colors. They will also create a February Fiber project.

News from the Orchestra Pit of Mr. Chris Hoffman

This time around we had a lot of fun learning to play on different instruments, as well as some music history.

In Jk we learned to work together as a team to make music by playing handbells. We used the same ideas to make music on the Anklung, an instrument from the country of Indonesia.

In Kindergarten we have been working on the Marimabas to make music. We have moved on from everyone playing the same thing, to making harmony as well.

In first grade we worked hard on our rhythm this month. We are gearing up to become composers, and write our own pieces of music.

Second through fourth grade are also getting ready to write their own pieces of music, but they also had the opportunity to learn some musical history and about some famous composers through an iTunes U course.

Fifth grade worked on a Libretto for their opera they are producing, as well as an iTunes U course.