Mansion For Sale

Scenic House of Usher now available for sale!

Amazing offer!

This "cozy" mansion has been handed down in a long line of Ushers for many generations who have taken, um, marginal care of the house. The previous descendants were Madeline and Roderick Usher, some really um, unique people. The bad news is that both of them died in this house, but the good news is that their bodies are probably still around for you to see! How exciting!

The house is pleasantly decaying and offers a wide array of fungi and insects! Some rooms even offer breathtaking blood stains and even the occasional corpse! Rumors say that you could even possibly meet the spirit of recent inhabitant Madeline Usher, a truly HEART STOPPING experience!

Want more information?

Talk to Edgar Allan Poe. Or, since he's dead, check out his fascinating recollection of his experiences in the mansion in his story The Fall Of The House Of Usher!

This once in a lifetime offer is the perfect getaway!

Don't worry about not having enough privacy- this spine-tingling property is secluded from the rest of the world! There are ghosts of past inhabitants lurking around every corner to help you make yourself at ease! If you have small children, there are lots of potential hide-and-seek nooks and crannies around the house, just the perfect size to hide a body if need be...

Some slight setbacks to this fantastic deal:

-possibly haunted by past inhabitants of the house
-house infested by insects and rodents
-house riddled with fungi
-the house is falling apart, maybe a little (a lot)

-The area surrounding the house tends to fog up eerily. Must be something with the plumbing.