Digital Citizenship

By Eric Xia

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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy are the skills, knowledge, and behaviors you use online and what you know about electronic devices.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is a rule that people on internet should follow in order to make internet a better place. Digital etiquette basically include treat people with courtesy and respect people online.

Digital Law

Digital laws is the law you must abide by when using the internet. It is taking responsibility for what you have done online. The buying and selling of illegal merchandise is illegal according to DIgital Laws.

Digital RIghts and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities are the rights to be free on the internet, but you have to be able to have integrity and be responsible. You still need to do this in all of a right and acceptable way.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce is being able to buy items or games or almost anything really. Big companies that are known well for online shopping are usually all about digital commerce. Such as eBay, Amazon, Or other stores.

Digital Communication

Digital communication is communicating to another person digitally by using electronic devices like phones for example.

Digital Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness is protecting yourself not from others but from technology itself, limiting the time you spend on it, to protect your eyes.

Digital Access

Digital Access is participation in activities on websites with a safe environment, or having access to a website.

Digital Security

Digital security is when the user od a digital device protects their personal identity online so hackers don't get to it.