The Baker Bunch

Mrs. Baker's 2nd Grade Class - Crozet Elementary School

I'm Back!!!!!

I returned back to the classroom on Thursday of this past week! I'm working half days for the next week and will be back full time the follow one. ! I do not have the words to express how much I missed the children and how delighted I am to be back in the classroom. Super thanks for the calls, emails and visits! I'm especially grateful for my Crozet School family.

Field Trip to Natural Bridge

The second grade field trip to Natural Bridge is this Friday, May 30th! Ms. Belling will be accompanying the children on this wonderful trip since I am still restricted to half days. I am so sorry that I not able to attend. The busses will be leaving at 8:00 and will return to the school at 4:00 pm. We now have a second school bus so there is room for any additional parents that would like to attend. This is a fantastic field trip! Let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to travel with our class and serve as a chaperone. We have plenty of chaperones but there is room for more!!!

Ancient Egypt

We continue our study of Ancient Egypt. We will be doing our next STEM project this week by completing an Ancient Egypt design brief. Once again the children will need to plan, create and evaluate their work!

Animal Research Projects

We will finish up our year working on our animal research projects! The children will choose what type of project they would like to complete. They may create a Powerpoint, a diorama, a poster or a book to show and share what they have learned. I'm open to other ideas as well as long as the children clear it with me first. Students will also create another Tellagami sharing information about their animal and their project!

Project Supplies Needed

We could use some additional supplies for our end of the year projects.

If you able to send in any of the following it would be much appreciated.

Crayola Model Magic in white. (It can colored or painted as needed!)

shoe boxes


poster board

sand (especially in brown and blue for the Nile River and the Egyptian desert)


anything else you think the children might like to use

Thanks so much!

I wish each of you a wonderful, long weekend!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Love and hugs,