Jackson The Hero

President Jackson the Rebel president

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Jackson's War Record

Andrew Jackson served as a major general in the War of 1812 and led American forces to victory over Great Britain. After ending the war, he became recognized as a National War Hero. One Reason he is a hero, is because he helped America win the war of 1812, and was known as a National War Hero.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester
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Jacksonian Democracy

A political cartoon showing Jackson destroying the National Bank with his " Order of Removal".

Killing The National Bank

Andrew Jackson loved to fight, he was in the war. But one major battle he fought was against The National Bank. He saw it as an enemy having too much power and could control the US economy. He would veto the National Bank, making people think he would lose the re-election by doing so. But he would win the re-election, showing wrong to everyone that doubted him.

One reason this would make him seem as a hero, is that people still re-elected him because the people wanted him... AMERICA wanted him.

"Nullification Crisis"

South Carolina was unhappy with the high tariffs, so they wanted to secede from the Union.Andrew Jackson on the other hand, said that South Carolina couldn't just leave, so Jackson vowed to send troops to enforce the tariffs. Jackson wanted to pass a "Force Bill", authorizing him to use military to enforce the law. But Henry Clay agreed to a reduced Compromise Tariff. This lowered tariffs and kept South Carolina from seceding.

One reason this helps make Jackson a hero, is that he (with the help of Henry Clay) kept South Carolina from seceding, which wasn't an easy thing to do.