MHS Media Minutes

September 2018

Collaboration Celebrations

Like many libraries across the district and nation, the MHS Media Center has been busy since Day 1 with Ms. Brawley and Ms. Stutts checking out books and calculators to students from various English, Math, and Social Studies classes. We've also visited classrooms to teach students how to correctly cite images (Joy), access multi-user eBooks from the public library (Peters), and add network printers to their laptops (T. Smith). In addition, we've welcomed teachers (M. Black, Higdon, Holston, Ligh, Nuss, and Stonestreet) who wanted a larger space for their students to work on group projects as well as students in Ms. Akelman's Reading class who learned how to search our online catalog and find books in the library.

Here is a listing of the teachers we've supported since August 27: Agar, E. Akelman, M. Black, Brading R. Bustle, D. Bustle, Carmendy, Carpenter, Chapman, Clark, Conner, Estes, Fitzsimmons, Hanson, Harris, Henley, Higdon, Holston, Hurst, Jackson, Joy, Kelly, Ligh, Long, Micklow, Nuss, Oliver, Peters, Rowland, Sigmon (Hooper), T. Smith, Stonestreet, Trahan, VanDyke, Valentine, Walls, and Ward.

Thank you to everyone who asked to bring their classes to the Media Center, who sent individual students to the library for supplemental texts or calculators, and who requested our presence in their rooms. We appreciate your ongoing support of our library program!

Please Send Individual & Small Groups of Students with a Note!

Reserve Media Center Space & Librarians

Introducing another way to schedule the library, you can now use the Calendly link below to reserve the specific space you want and indicate how you want to use that space. Although you can continue to call or email Ms. Brawley and Ms. Stutts as well as reserve the library in person, Calendly allows you to select the area of the library you want to schedule and place a hold on the date and block of time of your choice. Don't worry about entering your full name - your last name or first initial and last name is sufficient, but do tell us how you want to use the requested space. We will then follow up with you via email about your online reservation.

You can also request a librarian to visit your room in Calendly. If you want one of us to teach a lesson to your students or help you with a project in your classroom, please choose the Roving Librarian option, and we'll come to you :)

Areas You Can Reserve in Calendly

Our Media Center has five areas that you can schedule for classes and meetings. Below are photos of each area with the number of students or adults we can seat.

Other Services

Beyond instructional space, materials, whitelisting, and team-teaching assistance, we also offer the following services and will even have our student assistants deliver these items to you:

  • Batteries (AA, AAA, C, and 12 volts)
  • Printer cartridges (specify the HP model)
  • Two networked printers for student and staff use
  • Color printing
  • Laminating (Our media assistants will cut them as well!)
  • Copying, stapling, and hole-punching
  • Old magazines
  • Speakers
  • Document cameras
  • Swivls (3 day check out limit)

Image Citation

LeMasney, John. 20100601whenindoubt. 2010. "When in Doubt, Visit a Library (or Ask a Librarian)," by John LeMasney. Library Garden, WordPress, 25 May 2010,

Library Link of the Month

This month we've chosen to feature ClassLink, the new Digital Resources page, as it houses ALL of our reading and research resources in addition to other important links. Students and staff can access the Media Center's online catalog (Destiny Library), eBook & audiobook collections, digital encyclopedias, databases, and other helpful websites through ClassLink after signing in with their ADFS (that is, laptop username and password). You can also connect to ClassLink through the Digital Resources tab in Blackboard Learn and the staff website. For help in utilizing any of these resources individually or with your classes, please let us know. Should additional password information be required or to view an alphabetical listing with a description of each link, click here.

Alternatives to Google Image Search

Shout out to Sra. Jiménez for sharing this resource with us! Yes, it's likely easier for students to search for images through Google for class projects, but it's not always the best option. Check out Richard Byrne's "12 Alternatives to Google Image Search" article below for additional options and expect students to properly cite images, preferably with a citation generator like the Citation Maker.

Summer Reading Champion (Again!)

Thanks to the dedication of freshman Shelbie Graham, MHS won the summer reading trophy for the 2nd year in a row! Shelbie, an NJROTC cadet and trombone player in the marching band, read a phenomenal 47,423 pages this summer for the Mooresville Public Library's annual literacy program. We're very proud of Shelbie's reading accomplishment and every MHS student who participated in this program. Stop by and see the trophy on display in our Sports Fiction section.

Banned Books Week

Beginning next Monday, we commit to protecting the voices and intellectual freedoms of all book authors by celebrating Banned Books Week. Throughout the month of September, seniors from Brading's, Chapman's, and Sigmon's classes have been checking out banned books from our library and the public library for an English 4 assignment.

Browse our Banned Books display, located to the right of Media 1 printer, and consider reading a frequently challenged book. Click on the red button below to view lists of books that are currently challenged and that have been challenged since 2001.

Wise Words From Challenged Books

The MHS Media Center owns and circulates six of the top ten most challenged books of 2017. Below are thought-provoking quotes from three of these titles.
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Library Humor

Big picture
For anyone unfamiliar with the Dewey Decimal System, which most school and public libraries use to classify and organize their non-fiction collections, 796.332 is the cataloging number assigned to football. And since it's Homecoming Week, we salute all Alma Maters and football teams, but especially our very own Mooresville High School Blue Devils!

Speaking of Archives

Did you know that Mrs. Brawley is pursuing a graduate certificate in archives and special collections? In doing so, she'd like to help teachers, in any content area, who are open to collaboratively designing activities that give students opportunities to access and analyze historical records and artifacts. If you are interested in working with Ms. Brawley, building interdisciplinary units, or learning more about integrating primary sources into your curriculum, please reach out to her. Below are a few educational-themed archival resources as well as a professional development activity at the NC State Archives and State Library in November (submission deadline is Sept. 30).

Pictured left is a photo of the Mooresville Senior High School Library circa 1969, when it was located on the third floor of Main. We still use one of the wooden book displays today.

Contact Your SLMCs

Call, email, or see us with any questions or requests!

Erin Stutts - 704-658-2591

Kristi Brawley - 704-658-2589

Our Mission: Providing personalized learning environments and offering equitable access to resources to ensure a well-rounded education for every student.