Email ~$10,000~ (NOT REAL!)

Email Lottery Scams

How To Tell

How to tell if that a lottery email is a scam. If the senders' email looks like a person, If the email does not look like it is from a lottery company but a persons email. If your name is not the receivers' address, If your name is not in the receiving box it is a probability that it is being sent to more then one person. It doesn't exist, If when you type the "company's" name in on "Google" does it show up?

How To Prevent Them

Delete, Get rid of it and don't click on the link. Report, Mark it as spam then tell an adult. Ignore, Forget about it delete it or mark it as spam and ignore anymore emails from that person. That way they will realize that there is no way that you would fall for the trick and then they would leave you alone after a while. If they don't message the email operator and tell them that you think you are getting scam emails, give them the email address to look into.
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