Glad to Be in Grade 3!

Ms. Barrington's Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 3rd, 2022

The Week Ahead

Monday (Day 3): Return Book Bags, Music

Tuesday (Day 4): Picture Day, Leader in Me Time, Choir

Wednesday (Day 5): Inclusive Music Class, Physical Education

Thursday (Day 1): Music, Stop Work & Boogie

Friday (No School): Day in Lieu

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • I can interpret place value within 100 000.
  • I can express the relationship between two numbers using <, >, or =.


  • I can describe animal adaptations to different environments.
  • I can describe what is needed to care for animals.

Social Studies

  • I can create and use a simple map to locate communities studied in the world.

Upcoming Events

  • October 4th: Picture Day
  • October 5th: Fundraising Association Meeting (7:00 pm)
  • October 7th: Day in Lieu (No School)
  • October 10th: Thanksgiving (No School)
  • October 13th: Grs. K-3 Fire Safety Presentations
  • October 18th: Leader in Me Family Night
  • October 19th: School Council Meeting (7:00 pm)
  • October 20th: Partners in Education Recognition Evening (6:00 pm)
  • October 26-27th: Three Way Conferences
  • October 28th: ATA Institute Day (No School)
  • October 29th: Inclusion Fair (10:00 am-1:00 pm)
  • October 30-31st: Fundraising Association Casino (Volunteers Needed)
  • November 14th: Grs. 3-6 Earth Rangers Presentations
  • November 16th: Picture Retakes Day

Notes from the Office

Valuables at School: We wanted to remind parents that students should not bring valuables to school - things such as electronics, Pokemon cards, or other toys and collectibles. The popular toy of the moment is Pokemon cards, and many students are bringing cards to school to share and trade with their friends. While doing so at recess has been an accepted practice, many teachers are reporting that students are now bringing these cards into class and they are becoming a distraction to learning. Additionally, some students have reported cards being stolen or being lost and/or missing. With over 600 students currently enrolled at Christina Gordon we do not have the capacity to track down items that go missing or to determine who owns what. To avoid heartbreak and tears, we encourage parents to have students leave their valuables at home where they will be safe. This is in keeping with our personal property policy in our CG handbook: "Personal Property: Each year our lost and found box fills to overflowing with perfectly good articles of clothing. Please help the school and the students keep track of items by clearly labelling all personal property with the student’s name. While students will often bring play items to school we remind you that the school cannot be held liable for their damage or loss. Expensive items or items which have a sentimental value are best left at home." Thank you for your cooperation.

Circle of Security: Circle Of Security is being offered for caregivers of any student in FMPSD. There are eight sessions in the program. These are evening sessions, presented at Composite HighSchool. There is no charge. Circle Of Security is a relationship-based parenting program that focuses on the security that comes from attachment. Parents learn the ways they are getting things right. It is not a list of things "to-do." COS is for caregivers with children aged 0-mid teens. Sessions continue to be run throughout the school year at differing start dates. Spaces are limited. Please register with the contacts information listed (see below - Digital Take Home Folder). Here is a link for a quick overview:

APPLE Schools: Welcome to our APPLE School Community! APPLE Schools is a health promotion project with the vision of healthy kids in healthy schools. The project is student-centered, evidence-based, and unique in Canada. APPLE Schools works with 74 schools across British Columbia, northern Alberta, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories. It improves more than 20,000 students' lives annually by supporting healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health habits. What does an APPLE School look like? We empower students to make healthy choices and work with them to create positive experiences. All healthy initiatives reflect our school’s specific needs. Initiatives can include: monthly campaigns, wellness challenges, movement breaks, non-food rewards, mental health education, healthy classroom celebrations, and student leadership opportunities with a health focus. APPLE Schools does not dictate policy. Each province/territory and school district has its own guidelines and policies that support wellness. APPLE Schools staff work with our school using these existing guidelines and policies to support healthy school environments. Want to support your child's wellness at home? Help establish a regular bedtime routine, pack lunch together, and always include a water bottle, ensure a healthy balance between screen time and activity time, and make time for outdoor activities. Learn more about APPLE Schools at:

October Newsletter: See below (Digital Take Home Folder) for the October edition of the CG News.

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