2023 Invitational Dairy Show

July 8, 2023 - Beatrice, NE

Register for the 2023 Invitational Dairy Show

Registration open through July 1st

Entry Guidelines

Pre-registration is required by July 1 at go.unl.edu/inv-dairyshow.
  • The registration website will open on June 15th.
  • **Note: Entry for the Gage County Fair will be occurring simultaneously. Please select the "Dairy" Department and navigate to the "Invitational Dairy Show" Division.
  • Indicate breed at time of pre-registration (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Holstein, Crossbred)
  • Animal born after April 30, 2023 cannot be entered.

Each exhibitor is eligible to show four head. If these animals meet the Dairy Cattle Herd requirements, they may also enter the Dairy Herd Class.

Registration papers and Identification Certificate must be available for inspection.

Show is open to all counties and states.

Exhibitor Requirements

The Invitational Dairy Show is open to 4-H and FFA youth.

4-H members must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in their county 4-H program prior to July 1st
  • Age 8-18 years of age (January 1 of current year)
  • Meet the rules and regulations within their county 4-H program.
Vocational Agriculture (FFA) students must meet the following requirements:
  • Enrolled in a High School in one or more Vo Ag projects.
  • Not older than 18 years on January 1 of the current year.

Show Information

Invitational Dairy Show

Saturday, July 8th, 9am

321 Logan Street

Beatrice, NE

Order of Show

Show Check-in 8:00 - 8:30 AM; Cattle should be in place by 8:30 AM.

  • Showmanship - pre-entry requested with dairy cattle entries.

    • Senior Division - Age 14+
    • Intermediate Division - Age 11 - 13
    • Junior Division - Age 8 - 10

Judging By Breeds - Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Crossbred
  • Heifer Classes:

    • Class 1 - Spring Heifer Calves (3-1-22 to 4-30-22)
    • Class 2 - Winter Heifer Calves (12-1-21 to 2-28-22)
    • Class 3- Fall Heifer Calves (9-1-21 to 11-30-21)
    • Class 4 - Summer Yearlings (6-1-21 to 8-31-21)
    • Class 5 - Spring Yearlings (3-1-21 to 5-31-21)
    • Class 6 - Winter Yearlings (12-1-20 to 2-29-21)
    • Class 7 - Fall Yearlings (9-1-20 to 11-30-20)
    • Selection of Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Heifer
  • Cow Classes:
    • Class 8 - Dry Cow (any age)
    • Class 9 - Two Year Old (9-1-19 to 8-31-20)
    • Class 10 - Three Year Old (9-1-18 to 8-31-19)
    • Class 11 - Four Year Old (9-1-17 to 8-31-18)
    • Class 12 - Five Year Old & Older (prior to 9-1-17)
    • Class 13 - Dairy Herd
    • Selection of Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Dairy Cow

Exhibitor Guidelines

Dress Code:

  • Exhibitors are required to wear a white shirt/blouse with an official 4-H chevron, a 4-H shirt or FFA shirt. Tank tops are not acceptable.
  • White pants are preferred; dark jeans are acceptable.
  • Hard-topped shoes are recommended.
  • Hat or cap not allowed while exhibiting.
Substitute Showman:

  • An animal must be shown by the exhibitor who entered it. However, an exhibitor may be excused by the Superintendent due to serious illness or disability due to an injury (i.e. broken arm or broken leg).
  • Substitute showman must be a 4-H or FFA member exhibiting at the show.
  • An exhibitor who has more than one animal in a class need not secure approval for another exhibitor to show the additional animal in the class. Substitute showman must be a 4-H or FFA member exhibiting at the show.

Show Rules & Regulations

Ownership/Identification of Animals:
  • Dairy cattle must be owned/identified by the exhibitor in compliance with their county 4-H program or FFA ownership guidelines and the certificates must be on file with their Extension Office or FFA Chapter by July 1.
  • Exhibitors must bring a copy of their registration papers and identification certificate to the show check-in.
Health Requirements:
  • Health certificates are not required. However, animals must be in good health at the time of the show. All animals must be free from infectious or contagious diseases, including active ringworm, visible warts, or other signs of health problems. Animals deemed unhealthy, infectious or contagious may be removed from the grounds.

Care of Animals:

  • All possible care will be used to prevent loss or injury to animals or exhibitors. It must be understood that the management of the show will in no way be responsible, should loss or injury occur. Any animal deemed dangerous is subject to removal.

Feed & Bedding:

  • Exhibitor will make their own arrangements for feeding and bedding. No straw is allowed.


  • Prior to leaving the fairgrounds, exhibitors are asked to clean-up stalling area, push hay to the center of the barn, pick-up trash, etc.

Showmanship Contest

Determine the appropriate class based on exhibitor age (January 1 of current year)

  • Exhibitors taking part in this contest will be judged on their skill as a showman, and on the appearance their animal makes before the judge.
  • An animal may be shown only once in Showmanship.

Dairy Herd

Dairy Herds will be scored and awarded ribbons on the basis of the current "4-H Dairy Cattle Junior Herd Scorecard". Scorecard must be submitted for each Dairy Herd at show check-in. A Dairy Herd will consist of 3 animals that meet these requirements:

  1. All three animals have been officially identified by the same 4-H or FFA member/exhibitor.
  2. All three animals have been entered and exhibited (at the current show) by the same 4-H or FFA member/exhibitor.
  3. All three animals must be the same dairy breed. Crossbred not eligible.
  4. All three animals may be grade or registered, or any combination of grade and registered.
  5. At least one of the three animals must be a cow that has freshened long enough to have a 305 2X ME record in progress. Production records will be verified at check-in prior to the show.

Awards & Premiums

Production Awards

Recognition will be given to each cow in a milking class that meets the following production requirements (based on top 25% of herds in the "Heart of America" summary) by the Nebraska Dairy Herd Improvement Association.

  • Awards presented on the basis of 305 2X ME records in progress for cows in milk or on the basis of the most recently completed 305 2X ME record for dry cows.
  • Exhibitor should provide DHIA herd identification and DHIA cow identification during pre-registration. Exhibitor must furnish information at check-in to verify records. Exhibitor must fill out the Dairy Herd Scorecard prior to the start of the show. Animals may qualify in either milk or protein.


Certificates will be awarded to Champion and Reserve Champion Breed winners.

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion banners will be awarded to overall Heifer and Dairy Cow winners.

Ribbons & Premium Payout

Ribbons will be awarded for each exhibit.

Premiums will be paid following the show.

  • Purple = $10.00
  • Blue = $7.00
  • Red = $5.00
  • Showmanship = $5.00

Thank You Sponsors!

Please write a Thank You note to our sponsors!

  • Nebraska Holstein Association
  • Gage County 4-H
  • Nebraska Extension in Gage County