Environment and People Of Japan

By Tiernan, Jayde and Sophie


The location of Japan is Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, East of the Korean Peninsula.

The Flora and Fauna

The flora of Japan is marked by a large variety of species. There are about 4500 native species in Japan.


japan has four seasons, but since it is a long, narrow chain of islands, which stretch over 2,500 kilometres, its climate differs from North to South.
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Major Landforms

The most major land forms are normally made from Volcanoes, Mountains and many more.

In japan Mount Fuji is also the tallest mountain in japan and it is also an active volcano. Many people think that japan is located on a ring of fire because of there many volcanos. Faults or cracks are in most of japans mountains. Mount Fuji is about 3,776 meters tall, in the year of 1707 Mount Fuji is can a symbol or japan and a beauty symbol, and three quarters of japan is hill and mountains and some volcanoes.

The main islands of japan are,

Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu

There is a long mountain that runs thought the heart of Japan and deep vales witch are along the Pacific Ocean side for Japan.

Japan is a long and narrow island which is approximately made up of 3,922 islands in its long narrow island. This country has a lot of neighbours three of the main one are Russia, Korea and China. In Japan there is little flat land, and 80% of Japan is made out of mountains.





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