Research Questions:

1. What is Music/Arts Education?

2. Why is it important

3. Why should it be focused on?

4. What are some downsides?

5. How could you use this in your life?/ What occupations are there?

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Summary of Research:

Schools are not focusing on the arts as much as the core subjects. Why do we not focus on these subjects a little more? Because they apparently have lesser significance than the core subjects such as math, english and science. The arts classes such as visual art, music and drama are just as fundamental as the core subjects. Some of the effects might even be making the child think that the arts are less important to society than these core subjects. A quote from states, ¨Study in the arts is integral to our society.¨ The effects of not focusing on the arts as much as core subjects are affecting society and also what and how people learn.


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