Guam is a bustling U.S territory with 159,00 inhabitants.Its the vacation destination for sun,surf,shopping,and culture.Moving to Guam would be a lot like moving to South Carolina. It's a U.S territory and as a citizen of the U.S you can move there freely anytime. Getting a job in Guam as an outsider will be tricky because their society is very nepotistic. Medical care here is also tricky. The one civilian hospital, by law, cannot refuse to treat you.However this hospital is very overcrowded and frequently out of common medical supplies.

If you visit the island of Guam you wont see most of these birds. The Mariana Fruit Dove, Guam Flycatcher, Rufous Fantail, Cardinal Honeyeater, and other native forest birds of Guam have become extinct since the late 1940s, when the brown tree snake is believed to have first colonized the island.

The village of Dededo is pretty much the ghetto here. A lot of crime and its not the most beautiful of villages by far. The indigenous people on Guam are called Chamorro and have Spanish last names. The north is mainly limestone and the south is more mountainous. Every village here has a Catholic Church.