Extra-Curricular activities

Jorge Carlos

Extra-Curricular activities now 'more important' to university applications By Jack Grove

Being apart of something during school is more important now a days than it seems. Back in the day around a decade ago only around 5 percent of achievements were non academic through a report named What is the Real Value of Extra- Curricular Activities. Now percentages have dramatically changed, up to 92 percent talk about things they do outside of academic work. These numbers are no joke and it's important that everyone in school should be involved in something that they can be passionate about.
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Quotes from reading

Dominic David stated, "It is like on the TV show The inbetweeners when Will encourages all his friends to do the DofE because it looks good on your application" Also said "Unless you show why it will help you at university it is not valuable Some admission officers cited"it is useful to have some extra-curricular activities, but must do it for the right reasons rather than simply 'ticking boxes process"'

My stand

Getting involved is important for the college application process but also helps you develop as a person. I personally believe that being involved in something and meeting new people and new faces. While it can be time consuming it is very fun to be apart of something and you're helping your future.
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