Alan Turning!!

The father of modern technology!!


Alan turning a brilliant man the man who changed our world know the man who invented computers, thanks to Alan Turning ow we can actually we can know his biography an who people know hem know because he is so famous fore his brilliant creation and brilliant ideas. THANK YOU!!!!

His Life!!

Alan Turing was born on June 23, 1912, in London, a young age, he displayed signs of high intelligence, which some of his teachers recognized, but did not necessarily respect. When Turing attended the well-known independent Sherborne School at the age of 13, he became particularly interested in math and science.Alan Turning started to be brilliant in maths.Alan Turning is best known for the helping decipher the code created by German enigma machines second world war, and for being one of he founders of computer science and artificial intelligent.His work on the morphogenetice theory continued.He developed his theory of pattern fomationout of instabiolity into the realm of sphericalobjects,such as the Radiolarian and also on the cylinder as a model of plants team. When Alan Turning dide he was found by hiscleaner when she came in on 8 june 1954. he hadaed dide the day before of

cyanide poisoning, a half-eaten apple beside his bed. His mother believed he had accidentally ingested cyanide from his fingers after an amateur chemistry experiment, but it is more credible that he had successfully contrived his death to allow her alone to believe this. The coroner's verdict was suicide.