Australian Animals!

by~ Hannah Nugent

Frilled Lizard

  • Can run on its hind legs
  • Frills its extra skin around it neck
  • Scares big predators
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Freaky Lizard

Bearded Dragon

  • Has a 'beard', to scare predators
  • Beard turn s completely black
  • Found is many parts of Australia
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Worlds most aggressive bearded dragon.

Feather tailed Glider

  • Same size as small mouse
  • Weighs 15 grams
  • Lives with many others
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Extreme Mammals at AMNH - Sugar Gliders


  • Average weight is 30 pounds
  • Length is 80 centimeters
  • Sleeps up to 22 hours per day!
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Cutest Baby Koala Named Kirra!


  • Eastern Australia
  • Webbed feet
  • One of kind of mammal that lays eggs
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Platypus Apology

Australian Furseal

  • loves to go swimming
  • Has many threats
  • Eats other sea creatures
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Baby Northern Fur Seal

Boyd's Forrest Dragon

  • Coastal Eastern Australia
  • Lays 2-7 eggs
  • Can Camouflage
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Boyd's Forest Dragon

Little Penguin

  • Along shores of Southern Australia
  • Scared of seals and sharks
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Red-Bellied Black Snake

  • Has barely any venom
  • Atleast 2.5 meters
  • Looks very shiny and very vibrant red
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Coastal Carpet Python

  • Eats Mice and rats
  • Lot of health problems
  • Needs some heat (basking)
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