Android Apps for Mobile Learning

EDU 210 Sample


In this module, we were asked to explore 5 different apps that support personal mobile learning and provide some examples of how they could be used. Below are 5 Android apps for personal mobile learning.
The NASA App provides up-to-date images, news, videos, and mission information, as well as ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers, launch information, and countdown clocks. It also provides information on current NASA missions and allows you to stream NASA TV. This app is a great way for students to connect with what is currently going on in the field of space exploration, and to experience space in an accessible, personal way.

The Program of Studies for Science 9 includes a unit on Space Exploration with an emphasis on science and technology, and the NASA App is a great way to give students access to current uses of science and technology for space exploration, and to experience the real-world applications of the content of this unit up-close.

Socrative Student is an app that helps facilitate the creation of engaging, interactive lessons. Teachers can initiate activities in the form of quizzes, polls, and other questions, and students can respond using their smartphone. This app is a simple, paperless way to gather student input, and to assess students' grasp of the subject matter.

One way to use Socrative is as a self-assessment tool. Teachers can create polls that allow students to gauge their own understanding of the subject being taught, and in this way, teachers have a clearer picture of which topics or concepts need greater attention or emphasis in the classroom.

Every Circuit Free is an interactive design app that allows users to create electrical circuits and test their use. There is both a free and a paid version, and while the free version is considerably more limited, it contains all of the basics necessary for student lessons.

This app would be a great supplement to science lessons on electricity, from learning electrical principals in Junior High science all the way up to Physics 30 units on electricity and magnetism.

The Canadian Citizenship Quiz app is produced by OCASI - the Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants - and is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This app provides tools for studying such as flashcards, pictures, and videos, and also provides practice tests that simulate the actual citizenship exam.

Although it is intended to be used by those preparing to take their citizenship quiz, it would make a great self-assessment for students studying Canadian history, the Canadian government, and Canadian geography at all levels. Or, a Junior High or High School social studies teacher could make it a class goal for every student to be able to get 100% on the Citizenship Test by the end of the semester, encouraging students to use the app independently or when they have finished their class work. It might be especially useful in schools that serve large populations of newcomers to Canada, because it would allow for independent, supplementary education on Canadian history, geography, and government.

Duolingo is a language learning app. It offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and English. This app teaches using simple games and activities, and allows you to compete with friends who are also using the app. It also has a translation feature that allows you to translate real-world texts.

Duolingo could be a good supplement for lessons and activities in language classes, as something to accompany lessons, or as homework. It could also be of assistance in classrooms in which some students may not be fluent in the language of instruction (for example, at a school that serves a population of newcomers to Canada), as it offers a fun way to practice languages independently.

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