1 Game 5 Goals

By: Ella

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It all stared like a normal day. My dad and I were sitting around the kitchen counter and talking about how I was going to play today. I said , "I wanna score a hat trick" (3 goals). My dad said that I had a rare chance. Then I mumbled to myself "I'll show you!" We had to leave early because my brother had a game. I ate some breakfast at the hockey rink which was a big chocolate muffin, it was delicious. After that, I had to go get ready for the game. I put my bag in the locker room and stared to put on my gear. While I was doing that, I was thinking what if I DO score a hat trick? What will my dad think? Would he be proud or sad because I showed him up? We got out on the ice and started to warm up. Then the game started. I was playing center. I won the battle and passed back to the defense. They passed back to me and I passed it to the wing. We went to the net. She took a shoot but it didn't go in. We had a rebound and I in the net.the same thing happened again! I wasn't even trying the second time! Then it was the second period the same thing happened I scored 2 more and then it was the third period. I scored another. Then the game was over so we lined up in front of the crowd and banged are sticks. I ran off the ice and right up to my dad and gave him a big hug. I was so proud. My friend asked what I ate for breakfast and I said a big chocolate muffin, so now we think they are good luck. When we were getting undressed in the locker room, everyone was cheering "CHILLY GOT A FIVE TRICK, CHILLY GOT A FIVE TRICK!" Then my coach came in and gave me the game puck. The time that I showed my dad up I will not soon forget.