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Good Morning Swartz Creek,

I know that many of you are on Twitter and use it both for professional learning and for communication to parents, students, and peers. I would like to get an idea of all our people making an impact via Twitter, so that we can increase our own connection and have a more powerful global impact on both educational practices and education policy. Please fill out the following Google Form to help us create a Twitter database for SCCS. I have created 4 optional fields for your Twitter usernames (remember your username starts with @):

1) Professional (for your account that you use to interact with educators – usually your main account)

2) Classroom (often used for communicating directly to students and parents)

3) School (used for branding, communicating, and sharing school activities)

4) Other (any other account you want us to know about, so you can connect)

I want to thank you for your connectivity and your commitment to our #1 Belief Statement: We believe in a culture of learning. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. There are many districts out there that are not connected or having conversations about authentic learning environments. The grass is greener where you water it, and you guys have been great at watering it in the Creek.

To keep moving us forward, please do me 3 favors 1) Use #swcrkPLN to share links, stories, articles, blogs, videos, ideas – This is our own (SCCS) hashtag we use to connect, collaborate, and share with each other. 2) Please mention @swartz_creek if you want me or Corrie (district account) to re-tweet the great pictures and events happening in your school. 3) Please fill out this very short survey so we can share and connect with one another.

Thank you for your #growthmindset. Have a Happy Friday!

Rodney R. Hetherton

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Swartz Creek Community Schools