Shakespeares Childhood

By: Haley Marsh

Shakespeares Education

  • Biographers thought that Shakespeare was poor and uneducated.
  • But at age 5, Shakespeare had been enrolled at the kinds new school in Stratford, a grammar school.
  • It was a very strict school. Classes started at dawn and lasted 6 days a week.
  • Those classes were very important and had a huge effect on shakespeares development as an author.
  • Shakespeare was removed from school around age thirteen because of his father's financial and social struggles.

Shakespeares Family

  • Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 in a small town called Stratford and was also baptized as a baby.
  • Williams father was John Shakespeare. He played an important role in the local government.
  • His mother was Mary Shakespeare.
  • William was the 4th kid out of the Shakespeares 8 children.
  • Only 5 lived to adulthood.

Health & Hygeine In Shakepeares Time

  • unlike nowadays , hygiene was not a strong point during shakespeares childhood.
  • If you were poor, you were considered lucky to have a bath every 3-4 years.
  • Even Shakespeare bathed once a year in may.
  • It was a big occasion and the water even had to be fetched and boiled for many hours. They would use the biggest barrel or tub they had.
  • The father would bathe first, then so would any other men that lived in the house, then the women, and finally the children in order of their age.
  • By time it got to the baby, the water would be filled with dirt.

Marriage & Kids

  • November, 28 1582 William married the 26 yr old and pregnant Anne Hathaway.
  • 7 months later, they had his first daughter Susanna. Anne never left Stratford, living there her entire life.
  • Susanna was baptized sometime in may of 1583.
  • they then had twins, Hamnet and Judith who were born in February 1592.
  • Hamnet and Judith were named after Williams 2 close friends.
  • Williams only son Hamnet died in 1596 being just 11 yrs old.